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Friday, August 10th was officially 30 days into my Turbo Fire schedule…My first 30 days was HARD. I couldn’t even hold some of the stretches for the entire time that they were doing on the video, and I started out doing 100% modified moves during the workouts. My heart rate would get pretty high (pretty much my calculated max heart rate of 189) during some of the higher intensity portions of the workout, and I would have to slow down or lower my intensity to recover. Where I’m at now: I’m still following Alee during the workouts a lot of times because she shows the modified moves, but I am starting to be able to do some of the normal moves at least a couple of times before having to finish them modified. For instance, when they do jumping jacks I can do a couple normal and then I finish with modified jumping jacks, or I can start out doing a full plank then move to my knees when I need to. I can FEEL my body getting stronger – things that were tough/felt impossible when I first started are becoming something I can do.

Even though many of the movements are still really challenging, I’m starting to feel like “I CAN DO THIS! ”  Another thing I have noticed is that previously where my heart rate would get really high and it felt like it was taking me a long time to recover, it is now only getting up to 165-170 and my recovery time is much shorter – this tells me that my fitness level is improving dramatically! Also, I completed my weigh-in and measurements, and was REALLY happy to find out that I lost 10. 1 pounds, and 7. 9 inches overall so far! I’m really enjoying the workouts, and I can say that I actually look forward to them.

Chalene is a GREAT motivator, and really can put a smile on your face…so even if I don’t feel like working out (there were a few days where I didn’t feel like doing it), I know at the end of the workout I’ll be happy that I did it anyway and Chalene always puts a smile on my face! One of my favorite motivational pictures that I found on Pinterest: Happy Monday everyone – I hope you are having a fabulous week!

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